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Interactive whiteboards are appearing in an increasing number of our primary schools. International research shows that the value this tool can bring in a classroom can be truly transformational, if implemented and supported. It is also consistently reiterates that the most important variable in improving student learning is the quality of teaching that takes place. For many of our primary schools this Interactive whiteboards create a range of learning opportunities for both students and teachers. Studies have found them to be highly motivating and learner-centred when integrated innovatively. They offer a powerful facility for integrating media elements into teaching to enhance content and support collaborative learning. The drawback is that they may not be used to their full potential, serving in many cases as little more than a glorified whiteboard. This may change as users become more familiar with them and are more readily available. Our teachers need to be supported to use this tool to its capacity.

This site aims to provide web resources, discussions, creation software resources for all participating schools.

Through training key personal in schools it is hoped a sustainable and capacity building community is created.


Professional Learning

Research to Support IWBs.